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Monday, October 19, 2009

What started out as a quiet, lovely dinner turned into…

Well, not one to air dirty laundry, but I have to report that all hell broke loose Saturday night at a local banquet.

Lady Suzanne and I met up with Sir Hook, Lady Allwinky, Sir Tigger of Kidd and his lovely wife Lady JuJu for dinner at Acropolis – a local Greek restaurant.

Before dinner we enjoyed a few KEOs, brewed in Limassol, in Cyprus (The beer won the 1987 brewing industry world bottled lager competition Gold Medal).

Dinner included hummus, tzatziki, lamp yiovets, mousaka, gyros, kota lemonati, and assorted Greek sweets.

Then came the ouzo. It’s not Greek, of course, without ouzo – an anise flavored Greek liquor.

A couple of more Ouzo shots, a few more Gold Medal winning KEOs and…

Next thing I know, people were yelling strange words at each other, such as “Opa!”

Then napkins were being heaved in the air and at the band…

Then came the belly dancers with lots of husbands joining in (including Sir Hook and Sir Tigger).

Now, I don’t know which wife threw and broke the first plate, but when it happened, all hell broke loose. Next thing I know people are standing in line to break plates (mostly on the dance floor and not husbands).

Lady Suzanne after breaking a plate over Sir Bowie's Head -- notice the big smile!

It was, after all, all for a great cause: A fundraiser for The Boys and Girls Club of Evansville, Indiana. Their Mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most,
to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

So, a few Knights did everything they could to be childlike and reach their full potential of merriment!

Saturday was Greek Knight: an evening to live in the moment, forget our worries, money and leave the past behind… and yes, even break plates! Opa!!!

Sir Bowie of Crete-Briar (at least for a night)


  1. A good time had by all - the plate breaking was to symbolize a break with the past and a new start to the future - very timely for the Knights and Ladies - and fun too!

    wait until you read/hear what Sir Bowie and did on Sunday...but that's another blog and this Lady is off to work...good reporting of a great night, Sir B

    pictures say soooooooooo much

    Lady Suz

  2. You guys are so much fun! Thanks for sharing your night!

    Lady T, who, as a swarthy adopted person of unknown lineage has been claimed by the Greeks, the Italians and the Jews, of the Mediterranean. Or Pickerington. Whatever.

  3. No wonder 300 Spartan's held off the entire Persian Empire! OPA! Or, if you eat too much Baklava...OPRAH!

    Sir Hook Who Spoke Fluent Greek for One Night of Warrick

  4. Whoah...break out the wide angle lens for the Knights lol...

    Classic KMSA night.. excellent. run that by me again... You get drunk, smash all the crockery, and play up like sugared up 6 year olds.. to
    fund ...ermm Responsibility in Children. ahhh right...gotcha.

    Sir D

  5. Don't you just love being an Oxy Moron!

    Sir Hook Who's Width is Only Matched By His Wisdom of Warrick

  6. Wow....obviously missed a wild time at Greek Night......was thinking of you all from Muncie.....eating dinner with Mom at an overrated Muncie establishment that gave me heart-burn. If you had any baklava left.....I will take it for a snack. Tell Aileen I LOVE her new earrings....does she starch them to get that look? :-) are a dancing fool as always....did you have to pay extra to get to dance with the bellydancers? They should have made you take your shirt off.....haha.

    Party On....Wayne!

    Sir Richard Lionheart of just north of Pigeon Creek.....where I have not seen any beavers this season!