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Friday, October 23, 2009

Knights Take Over TV Land

Back on September 22, I introduced you to Tom Seefurth's Mamma Mia Pizza Beer. When they found out about our Merry Band of Knights, they couldn't wait to join the fun.

So, we Knighted Mamma Mia of St. Charles and Sir Pizzabeeer of St. Charles.

How's their Pizza Beer business going? Yesterday, Sir Charles and Lady Mamma Mia sent a link to a recent TV appearance.

Questions about Tom Seefurth's Mamma Mia Pizza Beer can be directed to Chef's Tom & Athena at:

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar


  1. Excellent, I've just passed this along to my buddy who is also one of my clients, who own the Mamma Mia Pizzeria in Oxford, along with the blog from the other day.

    My company did the signwriting in the pic.

    Sir D ( its 4pm..and i'm now ready for a Pizza to go, before the evening wassail. ) of O

  2. Breaking News...

    we are having them send a couple of bottles over to Oxford.

    DO ( hic )

  3. Yes, will be packing them up next week.. Wouldn't it be a gas if we could hook up with a brewery in the UK & make a batch or two there? We're thinking about having geographical territories and each one would be a bit different because of the climate & soil for the herbs. Meantime, we are taking the crumbs from the bottom of the dorito bag that are such a pain to eat, putting them on a hot & spicy pizza crust, topping with pickled jalapeno and Velveeta. Nachos on a pizza beer pizza crust!

  4. Aye! I'm having a few (too many) Pints at our Sacred Watering Hole in Dublin, OH...The Dublin Village Tavern.

    Not having pizza with the beer, but a DVT original, Irish Casserol. Soon the Knights will Conquer the World!

    Sir Hook the Proud of Warrick

  5. Wound up using our gluten free pancake mix & the fiesta and dill dip. Deep fried some chicken tenders using our beer (plenty of gluten here) Had Genessee Cream Ale with it followed by an Imperial Stout that pretty much put me out

  6. You heard it hear first folks:

    Pizza Beer takes over TV Land...
    and the WORLD!

    Sir Bowie "Who will pick up a couple more bottle to cook with this week" of Greenbriar

  7. Thanks for the coasters! Will have pictures soon.. Trying to keep the stores stocked right now & the new brew just arrived here in Chicago.
    Will keep you posted, it's a new taste as we used California Garlic & Hawaiian Basil. Little smoother & cleaner.