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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Mysterious Dawn

Ever since I was a child, the call of early morning has always stirred my soul. No matter if I'm up all night, or go to bed late...the call of the Mysterious Dawn rings it alarm and stirs me to join the forces of the universe.

The Mysterious Dawn is a special time for me. Not bothered by the cares of the day or responsibilities to others, I mount my Soul's Surf Board to ride the Cosmic Waves that move and bathe me in their gentle yet powerful movements.

I first discovered the Mysterious Dawn when I was five years old. It was the first time that I spent the night at a friends house. It is also when I discovered that most kids my age slept till noon. After trying in frustration to wake my friend, I gave up and went outside to watch the darkness turn to light. It was a powerful experience. I felt like the King of the World, alone as if all I surveyed was my private playground. This was my first awakening to the Mysterious Dawn.

I delivered newspapers (before the Internet was invented by Al Gore) in grade school through High School in order to ride the streets of Fairfield, just me and the Mysterious Dawn, dreaming dreams that someday would become reality. (Take note Sir D, an important by-product of living in the future during the now!)

Today, I ventured into the Mysterious Dawn and ended up at the Coffee Cottage across from the University of Evansville and joined Sir William of Keglers and Sir Seamus of Marion in an impromptu Knights gathering.

When do you connect with the Universe?

Sir Hook Who Moves in Mysterious Ways of Warrick


  1. I used to love to be the first awake and up when I was a child - opening the door and taking the milk out of the metal box and then bringing in the newspaper that had been left on the porch - being the first to open the newspaper and read it. Then my mom would get up and make coffee and breakfast for us all and the day would begin, again.
    (though I didn't drink coffee until I turned 28 and was teaching Kindergarten)

    I still like to be the first one to open up the paper...though Sir Bowie is often the one who turns on the coffee and lets the dog out to greet the new morning.

    This morning Sir B is making yam waffles and chocolate cake for later. Ales and even bourbon are called for in these yummy recipes - already sampled the fine waffles and some bacon and apples!

    What a beautiful way to start our Saturday

    and tonight we "go Greek" with Sir Hook and Lady Allwinky!

    in between time will be spent with babies (me) and shooting (Sir B)

    and last night was a tour in the new truck to Lynnville and the Fox!

    Lady S, never a dull moment in our lives, of Greenbriar

  2. I have to admit, I've always been a late sleeper. Every year I add "Wake up early and greet the dawn" to my yearly list -- it rarely happens. But, I'm always in awe when I do manage to catch the sun rise.

    Yes, this morning I knocked out two more beer recipes.

    This week I've also added:
    Beer Bread, Drunken Cabbage, Grilled Pork with Cherry Ale Mustard Glaze, and Porter Scallion Salad Dressing.

    Sir Bowie "waking up to the crack of noon" of Greenbriar

  3. Speaking as someone who gets cranky if he has MORE than 5 hours sleep a night, I too am blessed enough to be able to catch the Dawn each day, which is a double boon after burning the other end of the candle till at least 1am.

    My favorite way of opening the curtains and stepping out onto the balcony overlooking the park is to play,rather too loudly sometimes, the Youtube Clip below of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's version of Elgars Nimrod.

    Now if that doesn't make you feel proud to be alive, then frankily, you aren't.

    Note to Sir H.... once again... you can think about the future and the past, but you can't physically live in it.. the best you can manage, is i found out last night... is that part of your brain knows/computes six seconds before it activates what you are going to do, so if you want to screw with your brain, then keep changing your mind every 4 seconds, but then it would know you are doing that. Me, i just get my partner to do that for me.

    Sir D ( who is 5 hours into his alloted 19 for Wednesday ) of O

  4. Note to Sir D...I'm not you that is. Love the music selection, however! You've shared that one with me before.

    Simply (not really that simple) beautiful!

    Sir Hook the Nimrod of Warrick