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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

up up and away

Sunday afternoon
climb in a hot air balloon
soar above the fields

see the fall color
sunset shadows on fall trees
cool, crisp air breathed in

as I tackled fear:
heights and new experiences
David by my side

one more box filled in,
one more adventure to add
to life's bucket list

no pictures taken
because we were together
living out our dreams


  1. Sounds like fun! I didn't see you guys on the news! LOL!

    Sir Hook Who's Hot Air Doesn't Require a Balloon of Warrick

  2. Nice big Tick on that old Bucket List... :)))

    now i don't want to hear on CNN that you were hiding in the Attic. lol..

    Sir D ( Life's a Gas ) of O

  3. How wonderful! And though I selfishly miss the pics, how cool that you were too 'in the moment' to take any!


    Lady T (whose bucket list has gone neglected too long) of Pickerington

  4. ah but I was on the news - waiting in line to go up in the balloon!

    now if I can find a pioneer wagon I'm heading to the Oregon Trail - that's been on the list since I was seven years old

    short list actually, but don't know how long I have to fill in the boxes

    "If not now, when?" as I've heard from those older and wiser

    Lady Suz,
    wondering what is on other Knights and Ladies bucket lists??

  5. I went up in a tethered balloon once at ISUE when they would have the balloon races there. I was surprised how stable and solid it seemed. I didn't have David by my side, but a mentally challenged lad ... no comment further.

    I don't have a bucket list. Finding my life's purpose would be number one.