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Friday, October 2, 2009

The other day I quoted a line from the myDetour Moleskine Notebook Experience: “A tribute to familiar places and an invitation to find the extraordinary side of your ordinary surroundings.”

It occurred to me later that the opposite idea is also very important to creativity; that reminded me of my friend Mike.

Mike plays the saxophone. Specifically, improvisational jazz. He told me the other night that he especially loves playing jazz worship services at his Christian church.

Jazz worship services?

I imagine that part of the appeal is leading people to unfamiliar places in ordinary surroundings.

“Don’t play the saxophone. Let it play you.”
-- Charlie Parker

That line lead me to a quote by the film director Ingmar Bergman about his creative process: “If you can imagine,” he says, “I throw a spear into the dark.”

How’s that for unfamiliar places.

“I throw a spear into the dark. That is my intuition, and then I have to send an expedition into the jungle to find the spear and to find a way to the spear. That is absolutely another process. That is my intellect.”

So, fellow Knights, what’s your habit for giving your creative self a bit of push?

Here are a few suggestions:

* Make it a habit to do something totally out of character once a month.
* Look at old art and question it.
* Read books that you would not otherwise reach.
* Read a quotes book.
* Sketch your ideas (especially if you don’t think you’re an artist).
* Write a Haiku
* Eat frozen peaches and cream
* Learn how things work
* Take a road you’ve never been on before

Listen to Charlie Parker!

Strive to be original.

“Most people are other people.
Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions,
their lives a mimicry.
Their passions a quotation.”
-- Oscar Wilde

Damn, how unoriginal is using that quote -- any quote -- to end an essay on creativity and originality? I guess need to work on that.

Sir Bowie “who will be spending the weekend away from computers and in the 1800s again” of Greenbriar


  1. leaving present day
    to go back in time so that
    we're future building

    Lady Suz,
    packing the lipstick to
    go tent camping

  2. Throwing Spears in the dark...sounds like some Health and Safety litigation in there somewhere.

    My best creativity comes to me when i'm driving or moving on the road....precisely where i can't do anything about it. When i stop it evaporates.

    You going Camping Suz?? good luck with that.. there you go Knights... a Lady showing us how to do something out of your Comfort Zone....

    Don't let them just put you on Tick Watch, Suzzz ;)

    Sir D ( who has more work than he can handle, but can't grumble cos he didn't hardly have any in August ) of O

  3. Just finished a conference with Barry Schwartz who wrote The Paradox of Choice: Why Less is More.

    Awesome. I love challenges to move in new directions. To remain open to possibilities, but to also tap into my core, my center to keep my sails trimmed and my keel even as I sail away into the unknown, which is my version of throwing a spear into the dark.

    Sir Hook Who is Always Changing While Always Remaining the Same of Warrick

  4. This was timely, because I am in a complete and total creative rut.

    Lady T who wishes she could think of something clever but can't of Pickerington

  5. returned to this time
    sometimes getting away from
    it all, brings you back

    Lady Suz