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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I spent much of my youth -- along with my brothers -- building model planes, spaceships, and automobiles. It seems that there was always a project being glued up in our tiny room. Looking back on it, we were exposed to a 24/7 overdose of toxic inhalants (which might explain a lot of things about me).

Anyway, uhhhh, where was I? Oh, models. So, Elin Nordegren.... no, not that kind of model?


So, I was reminded of all this when Sir Norman of William Nottingham Court sent me the following images. The artist is, unfortunately, unidentified, but he/she must be an aswesome talent.

I present to you: One way to recylcle your beer cans:

Thanks to Sir Norman of William Nottingham Court for the images and...
The happy memories alcohol-like intoxication and intense euphoria leading to vivid hallucinations!

Sir Bowie "off to purchase a six pack and model glue" of Greenbriar


  1. ahhhhhhh but you don't need to be sniffing have a biplane made from Root Beer cans put away somewhere...

    (one of my more fun finds for Sir B - combining his love of Root Beer collecting and biplanes after we girls watched him fly high with Waldo one Sunday afternoon - what do you get the guy who has a little of everything?)

    speaking of brothers - Happy Birthday greetings to our Sir John of Rosedale who celebrated entering a new year of living on Tuesday!

  2. Excellent job Sir Norman in "Rooting" those out. Big Smile this end when i saw all that genius at work...

    love the way the wheels have been done.

    i'll just go buy a six pack of old speckled hen and sit and look at the photos in detail

    Top Knight Research..

    Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire

  3. Today is a Feast Day for us - Long Night Moon -how do we want to celebrate??

    Sir D, old speckled hen sounds pretty good ; )

  4. Thanks for remembering the Feast Day, Lady S. Unfortunately it was cloudy and the full effect of the moon was lost on us. That's why I celebrated a Vigil the night before with some Troeggs Nugget Nectar from Harrisburg, PA. That's the good thing about being Catholic, we can celebrate Vigils! The Moon was Awesome! I was wondering what it looked like walking the meadows to the Perch?

    Sir Hook the Full Moon Monty of Warrick

  5. the moon was beautiful this morning as I walked across the frosty crisp grass to get the newspaper : )

    note there are five more Feast Days this month of December

  6. I didn't get to stand in the Meadow..but i was close, as I walked down St Giles passed the Eagle and Child, and onto the Celler to watch the Dead jerichos rock out.
    The moon was very bright, white and high overhead, and in the frosty air it had a rainbow ice crystal halo around it.

    oh BTW. Sad news for the FF Knights and Ladies.... The Joe Allen Band had sadly decided to call it a day, as after university it has proved near impossible for violinist Angharad to live in her native Wales, and work there, and get to rehearsals and gigs in London regularly enough to promote the band. Big shame as Joe and An together were simply made for each other.

    Still i've been proud to have discovered them, and work with them since 2006, and at the end of it all we have some great memories and some even greater music and songs on disc. Their last gig will be on the 11th Dec at the Jericho Tavern.

    Joe will carry on solo, but for me the real magic was when they were a duo and Angharad freestyled around his demanding vocals. She's really the only one who ever could.

    Sir D OF o :(

  7. Sad to hear about Joe and Angharad. She made the band for sure! That night at Jericho Tavern will always stay with me. I am blessed to have heard what others will unfortunately soon will not.

    Sir Hook Putting the Wels in Welsh of Warrick