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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Freaking Awesome

Check out the Thursday, October 8th post and you'll see a "photo" of Sir Hook, Sir Dayvd, and Sir Bowie standing on the dock with the Titanic.

You mean that's not real? Yes, amateur at best.

Here's what happens when you give real Photoshop wizards a challenge:

Turn these images into "Beer City"

One of the results:

You've gotta check out

From the site: Freaking News is the top News Photoshop Pictures site on the web. Actual news stories fuel our Photoshop picture contests with scores of wacky doctored pictures. Members get cash for participating and winning the daily contests. Sign-up for free and join over 17,000 members in Photoshop picture contests or simply view thousands of funny pictures. Updated daily. Featured on CNN, Salon, and LA Times.

Have fun out there!

Sir Bowie "what's does Gaussian Blur do again" of Greenbriar


  1. Gaussian Blur ~ It blurs your Gaussian.

  2. You should see the one I did with me and the Queen in Bed! LOL!

    Sir Hook the "Oh What A Lucky Man" of Warrick