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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Past, Present, Future

The knotty subject of The Now is a perrenial KMSA stomping ground, so with the help of a different type of ambigram, that i've redrawn above, and a bit of Backwoods thought, i'll stir the pot again;

The Past and the Future, like two sides of a knife are irrelevant to the function of the knife. The edge where they meet is where the knife's essence, its raison d'etre, exists. The finer, less measurable that edge is
(the less it even exists at all?), the sharper the blade, and more effective the knife.

Sir Dayvd of nOwfordshire.


  1. Ah, but the past forces you to sharpen the blade so that you can use the blade again in the future even more effectively!

    My belief is that you can get lost in the vastness of yesterday and tomorrow; however, you can also lose vision by only living in that thin line that divides them called today, or "the now".

    Taping into the resources of yesterday, while wielding the weapon of today ensures a successful tomorrow!

    If you look at your ambigram "Today" positions itself firmly across all three I do.

    Sir Hook the 3D Warrior of Warrick

  2. Yesterday and Tomorrow don't exist they are just words, this is why it is impossible to live in them. Today or The Now exists as a bridge made up of the impact of the past ( day ) and anticipation of going (To ) the future.

    BTW...Newcastle Brown Ale is no longer being made in Newcastle, or even Gateshead( a suburb of Newcastle ) The Brewery is moving 90 miles south to Tadcaster in Yorkshire.

    Another 200 miles and it will be in my back garden :)

    Sir dayvd ( The King of the Now ) of Oxfordshire

  3. All this talk about "words" and past, present, and future makes me tense.

    Sir Bowie "signing off, signed off, will sign off" of Greenbriar