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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For Whom The Bell Curve Tolls

Did you ever notice how many contradictory messages we receive throughout our lives? When we are young we are told we are unique and are encouraged to be our own person, yet we are also questioned why we can't be like everyone else and try to get along with others. Later, we are told to swing for the fences, yet also told to play it safe. We are told to stand up and be counted, yet also told not to upset the apple cart. We are encouraged to be a leader, yet told there is safety in numbers.

It may be true that under the umbrella of the bell curve we won't get wet, but we also won't feel the sunshine. Are we comfortable in being approximately right or do we have the conviction to be precisely wrong? To regress towards the mean or to be an outlier, the choice is ours when the bell curve tolls.

Sir Lance, who wants to be unique like everyone else


  1. Wow, what brought that on?

    Come one, speak up. I said SPEAK UP.

    But, keep your thoughts to yourself.

    But, do tell.

    On the other hand...

    Seen on the door of a repair shop:

    WE CAN FIX ANYTHING. (Please knock on the door—the bell doesn't work.)

    Sir Bro-in-law

  2. wow, Sir Lance,
    we had the same mother ...

    and a father who said I could be anything/anyone I wanted to be - and all I wanted to do was be a teacher and a wife and mother - oh the disappointment he must've felt because I didn't want to be the first woman president and change the world!

    your unique sister,
    you know, the former teacher, wife, mother...
    who wonders what her daughters say...

  3. A perfect Zen lesson. When you live your life in awareness you are exactly who you need to be at that given moment.

    Sir Hook Who Wears Many Hats and Tolls the Bell Curve with Conviction to Be Precisely Wrong...or Right...of Warrick

  4. yes that last copy of yours similar to the one that makes me grind my teeth these days that of telling kids that "everyone is Special".. which presents the logic that then noone is special.

    Sir D.

  5. Why the shock and awe? You know, it's not like it's just old Three Stooges reruns nyuking, nuyking it up in my head all the time. But thanks for not calling me a mistic.

    (Mystic: Merlin, Nostradamus)

    (Mistic: One whose ideas are all wet)