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Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Joust Monday Mourning. Who Dat Sad Hoosier?

Super Joust Sunday left Colt Nation digging large tooth picks out of their mouths and eyes as the Saints knocked us off our high horse. Super Joust Sunday left us to deal with Super Joust Monday Mourning!

Who dat sad Hoosier? There's the rub....the sad Hoosier's on the Colts where actually natives of New Orleans. Peyton Manning, son of Saint's hero quarterback legend, Archie Manning, watched his fathers team take his chance for a 2nd Super Bowl Championship away. Reggie Wayne, a New Orleans native, drops two passes, one for a touchdown and allows the spike in the heart interception.

The recipient of that interception, Traci Porter, is a Louisiana native who played his college ball at Indiana University. And Drew Brees, who played a spectacular game for the Saints, played his college ball in Indiana at Purdue University. So the happy Saints where Hoosier sports heroes. Oh the irony!

Perhaps the real secret weapon was divine intervention. The Vatican allowed the Catholic Churches in New Orleans to display the Saints flag on the Holy Altars at Mass yesterday. A Saints banner was sent to, and displayed during Mass at the Papal Altar at St. Peter's in Rome.

The real differential came in embracing a philosophy of risk versus reward by the Saints coaching staff. As General Patton said, "The only good defense is offense." The bottom line is that the Colts played not to lose, while the Saints played to win.

Lesson for the Colts...and really for all who want to succeed in life....don't be afraid to take risks, always go on the offensive (even when on defense...the real key to the Colts lack of success), and play to win "balls to the wall".....ALWAYS!

Sir Hook Who's Balls Are Being Scraped Off the Wall this Monday Mourning of Warrick


  1. yep that On-side Kickoff in the third quarter was a Classic LamBanana moment... Never do the obvious.

    In competition don't do what your opponent expects you to do... do what he doesnt even think you'll do.

    Bowie is omminously quiet....Is he alright Suzzz??

    Sir D ( are all NFL players called Reggie?) of O

  2. up and at 'em early this morning,
    Bowie is actually at work and working

    we had more junk food than ales yesterday ; )

    Lady S,
    still hhumming

  3. Well said, Sir Hook.

    In fact, the game reminded me of lessons from the classic
    The Art of War.

    Seems the Saints studied the ancient wisdom and put it all in play yesterday -- even if the risks had not worked out, you couldn't argue with the aggressiveness of the play calls.

    Patton would have made one hell of a football coach.

    Grab 'em in the nose and kick 'em in the ass!

    Sir Bowie "who looks forward to routing for the Redskins in the big game next year" of Greenbriar