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Friday, February 5, 2010

I've been spending a lot of time lately converting 23 years of family VHS tapes to DVD: 23 years of family Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and dance recitals (our daughters, not mine).

So, it was with great amusement I opened and read an email this morning from Sir Norman of William Nottingham Court titled "You Think Your Family is Weird?"

Sure, it's a forward, of a forward, of a forward, but what the heck. In honor or weird families everywhere:

Is that a Christmas bush?


who brings props to a get portraits????... more importantly, who brings a parrot?... or a weapon????

I want to see this framed and mounted on their living room wall. ha!

Holy $h!t! .. And there is a suspicious looking foot in the bottom left corner, did he eat that kid earlier???!!

nice shirt dad .

WTF-more props gone wrong!

WOW. Next time I hear someone preaching about the benefits of Breast feeding, I'm going to show them this and tell them it's their mom.

NOTE: Sir Norman did not identify which of these are his family; I'm sure not telling with one might be mine!

A toast to weirdness.


  1. heh that's gotta be you Bowie under the *bush* is that your mom with the tube of lager lol...

    needless to say,....this all reminds me of the 1930 American Gothic painting by Grant Wood...

    Scary and just plain American...

    Gun ..parrot?...sure, makes sense...its in the

    Sir D ( whose computer is now up and running like a dream...and who has decided to have some of the Saints Odds that are being touted here, to try and get some of his money back that he spent on mending it ) of O

  2. Funny stuff. The Easter Bunny is positively evil! LOL! I'll have to share some old family gems in the future.

    Sir D, you will have to sell your computer to cover your debts by taking odds on the Saints!

    Sir Hook...Go Colts..Guns and Parrots (Is that Axel Rose's new band?) of Warrick

  3. these all came from Norm...we do have some goofy pictures though...they won't be on the WWW any time soon...

    the dvds are priceless : )