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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not that Knights need another reason, but...

Could a beer a day keep osteoporosis away?

Drinking beer may actually benefit your bones, according to a new analysis of 100 commercial varieties of suds.

Turns out beer’s is a good source of dietary silicon, which is key for bone health.

According to one study, pale-colored malts may be the better choice if you want to strengthen your bones, since these had more silicon than the darker beers, like the chocolate, roasted barley and black malt. Non-alcoholic beers had the lowest silicon levels of any of the brews tested.

The report was featured in the February issue of the “Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture” (which is one of my favorite bathroom reads).

Of course, some studies have reported that consuming more than a couple of alcoholic beverages a day could be detrimental to one’s health. So, as with everything else, moderation is key.

This bare-bones study is no joke, but this is:

Sir Bowie "this wrsit bone is connected to the finger bones, the finger bones are connected to a mug of delicious liquid silicon" of Greenbriar


  1. I'll remember that as we have an ale at Darmstadt...after our workout at Bob's...

    Lady Suz,
    who believes that taking care of our health is important...I believe I'll have another!

  2. Bit of a catch 22 tho this one... lol... if you drink more to strengthen your bones...the more chance you have of falling over and breaking a leg :))

    Sir D ( who has actually crashed like a felled tree, in a bar due to over drinking.., a weird experience, where i lay there bemused as to why the floor had suddenly come up and hit me on the side of the head ) of O

  3. It's been a little while, but I too have been in a bar on my hands and knees searching for the floor.

    Hope to do it in an English pub with you again some day.

    Sir Bowie

  4. I like the beer and a mop! Of course, you gents just mop the floors with your torsos!

    IPA's are the best for bone strengthing:
    I ngest
    P lenty of
    A lcohol

    Sir Hook Who's Riding His Beer Bone of Warrick