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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Comes Out of the Woods: An Editorial

As I travel north on business today, I awoke to the clatter of the upcoming news conference with Tiger Woods today at 11am EST.

Will he apologize? Who will he apologize to? Does he owe the public an apology?

It's all BULLSHIT! What Tiger Woods does in his own life is his own business. Not that I agree with how or what he did, but just because he is a multi-million dollar public figure doesn't set him apart from the average Joe in being held accountable.

Hell, we could fill every 900 channels of Cable 24/7 to air individual apologies for what Tiger Woods chose to do.

No, when Tiger Comes Out of the Woods today, the only public apology he owes is to himself for being a man who makes poor decisions. Because, if indeed he is a sex addict...why the hell would he need anybody else to fulfill his desires than the gorgeous creature he is married too? (See above picture)

Skank or Scandinavian...that is the question of the day.....Tiger! Now, get your ass back on the course and in your wife's bed.

Play Ball (Not with them)

Sir Hook the Editor of Warrick


  1. The Wife is the only person who gets the apology, with it backed up by monogomy.

    ........but then it was the USA who introduced me to the saying...."if you eat steak every night...sometimes you just want a burger"

    sex addicts = Men

    Sir Dayvd ( A Man ) from Oxfordshire.

  2. "Why would you go out for a burger when you have steak at home?"
    Paul Newman's comment on his very long lasting marriage, until his death

    interesting that you two men have weighed in here - I knew there was a reason I like and respect you

    unfortunately, not everyone thinks that this kind of bending the marriage vows is a bad thing - their spouses surely do though

    he owes an heartfelt, deeply serious apology to his wife with all the open discussion to work it through
    and a time of making permanent life corrections if he hopes to save his marriage and his relationship with his children

    how can any other woman or career or lifestyle be worth the cost?

    in the end, who will love him and be there with him??

    (Will it be these many woman who feel that it's okay to be with a married man?
    You get what you get with women like that!)

    sex addict? excuse?
    any kind of addiction is treatable,
    stay away forever from the trigger

    one hour at a time, one day at a time, for the rest of your life

    if you smoke, you don't hang out in smoking sections
    if you drink, you don't hang out in bars
    if you have a sex addiction, you avoid being involved with another woman (or man!)
    you spend lots of quality, loving time with your wife - who knows what you might find can happen when she knows she is the only woman you desire?

    Many of us chose to take these vows in churches before families and God as we chose to propose, and marry our best friends, only to hurt those we love the most.

    Lady Suz,
    thinking this is timely as I work through the 40 days of Lent program I've undertaken
    God is pulling me to think & pray

    even for Tiger today as he deals with his human weaknesses

  3. lol it always makes me laugh when the wife of a guy who is playing around, starts to play around herself....that always brings the men up short and out in a rash of jealousy and hypocracy... most amusing.

  4. I heard that if he saw his shadow at the press conference, then it was six more weeks of rehab.

  5. heh Good gag sir lance :))

    Sir D ( who now has hiccups after drinking a lot of Captn Morgan Black rum....neat and is now offf to watch the Winter olympics on TV ) of O

  6. So, if he didn't see his shadow, would that mean another six weeks of sex?

    Sir Hook Who Loves Curious Beaver of Warrick

  7. I've been giving this some thought.
    Maybe Tiger should get his favorite weapon (a big driver or a smaller, more compact 3 wood), go off into the woods (after he gets his house in order) and mash a big ol' hole in his head.

    After the initial shock and some pain are over, everyone is free to live their lives happily ever after.

  8. I agree, time to move on! I have enough trouble keeping my balls in the fairway!

    SIr Hook the Caddie Caddy of Warrick