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Friday, May 23, 2008

21 + 30

Stephen Stills sang, "4 and 20 years ago a coming to this land"...I wrote 30 years ago about turning I'm 21 + 30...still young twice!!

I thought it appropriate to give you a picture of my birthday look, because with a nice sunny day, little work because of the Memorial Weekend and loaded with Foamer Bucks...this is how I will be seen; fishbowl at the ready being filled with various wondrous libations! I also thought I should rewrite the chorus to 21 for 51 so:
I'm 51
Riding the sky to the evening sun
And dance with the moon
As my bio-clock says noon
Older child...wiser man begun
I'm 51

Cheers Mates!
Sir Hook the Twice Young of Warrick


  1. Happy Birthday Old timer... Have A GREAT DAY.. You deserve it...

    and bloody well drive carefully we want to be celebrating
    your 52nd.

    Sir dayvd

  2. Nothing profound to write.
    Just this Happy Birthday wish.
    May your star always shine bright.
    And bottomless ale in your bowl of fish!

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar