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Friday, May 2, 2008

An Empty Canvas

I start today with an empty canvas. My mind is swimming upstream to an unknown destination. A destination where words and the images they create have no meaning to me as of yet. A perfectly peaceful void. Just relaxed, as I type onto this empty canvas. Excited about what this unknown will bring to my knowing this day. Too often I try to create, because that is what I do. Being empty, looking at emptiness, yet being at peace is a relative new development in my life. In my past I would be scared that I lost it, that I would be found out to not be as bright as I think I am. Today:

I don't care as I stare

into an empty void
a big grin eats my face

Sir Hook is Full when he is Empty of Warrick


  1. In the mind, the mind is not to be found; the nature of the mind is clear light.
    -- Buddha

    Sometimes we get scared in the dark because it is light-less; we can't see our next thought.

    We want happiness and to avoid suffering. The pain we seek to avoid mainly comes from mental attitudes.

    Unclouded by thoughts
    Probe my mind and see clear light
    My blank canvas smiles

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

  2. Right now, i'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think i've forgotten this before.

    Sir dayvd