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Friday, May 23, 2008

Frequent Foamer Miles

That's right! I just got $5 in Foamer Bucks added to my Old Chicago "World Beer Tour" Card. If I drink 5 beers between now and the weekend, which by the way are paid for, then I get another $5 for 5 more! It's a beer lover's dream....getting paid to drink beer!

Better yet, they also give me 110 Reasons to Celebrate, which is conveniently the number of beers you must drink to complete the tour to get on the "Wall of Foam"...something that I have already accomplished, but why stop now!

Here are some of the better reasons to drink 110 beers this summer:

11. Two words: Economic Stimulus.

12. When your parents complain that you never stick with anything,
you can show them your WBT membership card.

13. Adjusted for inflation, beer is cheaper than ever!

15. Turns out, Time doesn't come in a bottle... but great craft beers DO!

The government may be sending you a check
big enough for One Whole Entire World Beer Tour plus tip!
Speedos™ are not fashionable in America.

There are fewer people in skin-tight Spandex on $7,000
bikes that they don't know how to ride.
The average pint of Old Chicago draft beer is cheaper
than a gallon of gas- so drink more, drive less!

The President wants you to spend your
Economic Stimulus Package money,
and we're here to help you in your patriotic duty.

Turns out chocolate, beer and wine are HEALTH foods!
American Idol is almost over.

The bartender knows your name


Your wife doesn’t know that the bartender knows your

Ale is the new Lager.

Hot girls in sundresses.
Karma really does work.
You are a World Beer Tour member,
so you just got $10 - how cool is that???

So, if you're American, do your patriotic duty and spend your tax rebate on beer.
If you're not American, then just act like you are!

Sir Hook Who's $10 Dollars Drunker of Warrick

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