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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Road Trip: Fort Knox

This is the entrance into the Officer's Club at Fort Knox. Steeped in history, General George Patton graced these walls many a night with his fellow Knights to discuss the best way to "To Hold the Enemy by the Nose and Kick His Ass!" This was the beginning of a 2-day tour of the training facilities that Ryan will be going through in 3 weeks for a period of 15 weeks, courtesy of the US Army. No pictures were allowed of the Bullion Building that houses the US Gold.

This is the conference room of Battalion Command on base. Ryan, being 19 Kilo...Army Armor, will be under the Red Knight 6 Command. Still using heavy cavalry terms today.

Here's Sir Ryan of Warrick sitting at the Red Knight section during a briefing from the Colonel in charge of Basic Combat Training, as he explains to us parents what our sons will be going through in a very short time.

Sir Ryan of Warrick, technically now Private Ryan, in front of his ride at the Patton Museum on base. The M1 Abrams tank, named after general Abrams who spear headed the rescue of the surrounded 101st Airborne at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII, is one hell of a tank! Ryan's MOS,Army terms for job, is driver of this magnificent machine.

This is the inside of a M1 simulator from the driver's point of few. I was able to drive one for about 30 minutes at the training facility. It was an awesome experience! Surprisingly smooth over rough terrain, very agile...making tight turns around trees, and fast 70mph top speed, it's one mean killing machine. No one has ever died inside one of these in combat. The same can't be said for the enemy. You lay back in a seat and view through periscopes, heat sensor and night vision. The engine is a jet aircraft engine. It steers and accelerates just like a motorcycle. In my simulation I took two direct hits and kept on fighting.

Here's what a grown man of 50 looks like inside the drivers seat of an M1, a kid in a candy store! One thrilling experience, and a confidence builder about the safety of my son. We went to a rifle range to shoot M16's next; however, we were having way too much fun to take pictures. I was pleased to see that I haven't lost my shot. Out of 120 rounds fired, I only missed target 4 times! They wanted to recruit me as a sniper, but Lady Allwinky said no!

Keep Your Caisson's Rolling!
Sir Hook the Proud Father of a Warrior of Warrick

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  1. Lady Allwinky = Lady Loyalty and Courage.
    Sir Ryan = Sir Courage and Valor.
    Sir Hook = Sir Hell on Wheels.