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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sir Bowie Simpson Take II

As much as I would still love to have as much hair as Sir Dayvd gave me in his version of Sir Bowie Simpson (see previous post), I must see the truth of my going bald. So, in order to give a more accurate rendering, I give you Sir Bowie of Simpson in front of the building he spends a goodly part of his life -- The Old Post Office office building.
Of course, he's wearing his favorite T-Shirt!

Thanks for the brief holiday from reality.

Sir Bowie Simpson of Greenbriar


  1. Sir Bowie... I suspect i too might have a fraction less hair than i'm depicted.. it depends whether i need a haircut or not. Yesterday i went and had its monthly deep trim...tho these days it feels more like a plain old head massage than a haircut.

    When i'm out with my similarly tonsured friends, its like looking at a box of eggs at the bar.

    For all the Knights and Ladies who fancy Simponizing theirselves too

    the web address is as follows

    Cowabunga Dudes.. Sir D

  2. I like your T-Shirt. We need to have some made. OK, now I recognize you!