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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hard Stone...Soft Hearts

Yesterday's celebration of Summer Solstice did this errant Knight's heart much good! Alas, through the toils of battle it becomes easy to give into a jaded spirit. Not unlike how Sir Bowie shared about his writers block, I too had become stymied with expressing what was dwelling deep inside my heart. Oh, I've been writing, but for my health care publication, which finally goes to press tomorrow. Yesterday, I just decided to sit down and make myself write from the heart. I felt so much better putting myself back on the Salisbury Plain! This morning I awaken to this gift from Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire. A pictorial of yesterday's blog!

Attached was another photo of the Hele Stone view with a full moon rising at eventide! Open the bottle of spirits, let the Spirit soar, let the Spirit's of the ancients and the Heavenly Host surround us and Sing the Soul's Song, a song without limits, without words, without structure...just the pure Music of Life. This morning Lady Allwinky and myself went to 7am Mass. We sang the Responsorial Psalm, "If Today You Hear His Voice, Harden Not Your Hearts."

It was easier singing this song this morning because of where I put myself yesterday, on the Salisbury Plain. Of course, it also helped to get a phone call from Sir Ryan last night who, even though exhausted, sounded excited about finally moving out of the Reception Battalion and into his Tank Training Unit. He gets his weapons today! My son armed, I am armed with the spiritual weapons to fight my inner wars. Singing this morning reminded me of another Stone place dear to my heart. Pictured at the left, the Cave entrance into the Chapel at the Jesuit Retreat House, Whitehouse, high on the bluffs of the Mississippi, just south of St. Louis. I make an annual retreat to this holy place. The Jesuits are found of meditations that put you into make believe or historical situations to better get a feeling for the scriptures. If you will, to make it a personal experience and journey. Not unlike how I placed myself yesterday on the Salisbury Plain. It was in this Chapel on a particularly stormy night the year after my open heart surgery that I wrote the following Haiku that I will end this blog with:

The Cave Shelters Seekers
Softening Hearts
Once As Hard As Its Stone

Sir Hook the Brave Heart of Warrick

1 comment:

  1. As I was doing a little reading on the Summer Solstice celebrations, I came across this paragraph:

    "For some people, religious diversity is a positive factor. They enjoy the variety of June celebrations, because it is evidence of wide range of of beliefs within our common humanity. They respect both their own religious traditions and those of other faiths for their ability to inspire people to lead more ethical lives."


    Think, Drink, and Be Merry -- through Diversity!

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar