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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Running On Empty

More like crawling!

I awoke this morning feeling emotionally and creatively empty with regards to my work. I’ve been busy, but there is just no spark to ignite creative fuel.

Knowing that a ride in my ’55 Willys M38A1 (Jeep) with the top down usually makes me feel better, I dropped the top and headed off. That’s when I noticed that the needle of my gas gage was pegging far left. My Willys was literally running on empty, too. With only a 10 gallon gas tank to begin with, I knew I might be screwed.

We all know that adversity can help spark creative solutions. I quickly recalculated my route to take me to the nearest gas station – not exactly confident I’d make it. I was living the motto, “Hope for the best; prepare for the worst!” Worst case was that I’d be un-strapping my 5 gallon can off the back and walking,

Fortunately, I was able to coast into the nearest petrol oasis and filled up.

The rest of the trip to work got me thinking of my creative state of emptiness and what I could do to get out of it. I recognize that I haven’t contributed to the pages of my Moleskine in weeks. I haven’t grilled a new meat recipe in months. I haven’t done a lot of things that really spark my creative fuel.

I know that writing this short blog won’t come close to filling my tank, but perhaps it will be enough to drive me to work, to do the best of my ability while here, and get back home again – my true oasis.

Fellow Knights, are you running on empty? What fills your creative tanks?

Sir Bowie of Greenbriar.


  1. I've emailed you the link to the book, by Julia Cameron; called The Artists Way, a guide to greater creativity thru spirituality..

    if you do what it says it seems to work.. Leap, and the net opens before you.

    Sir Dayvd

  2. Why do you think Jackson Brown made a fortune singing about running on empty? When you run on empty it's best to reflect that soon you will be filling up again! It's part of the process, a neccesary one at that. Worse case is that you will remain empty, which means your dead. It can't get any worse than that so be positive and keep driving that Willy over the next hill and through the next valley. Green pastures await at the end of the journey, in this world and the next!