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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Reasons to Journal

On my journey around the world (wide web), I came across The Ririan Project.

The Ririan Project is the blog of a guy named Ririan, a student in Bucharest, Romania. Evidently he’s obsessed with personal development and “creating a brand new life that represents maximum achievement and inner peace, a life that has balance in all its areas.”

One topic that jumped out at me was "10 Reason to Journal." I found his insights, well, very insightful!

He writes in part:

Everyone has a story. Your experiences, your feelings, ideas, thoughts, and dreams all combine to form your life and your journey, which is your story. And a great way to keep a relative reflection of all those things that have happened in your life is to keep a journal or diary. A daily journal, a weekly journal, a month end summary journal, any or all these are ways you can keep track and record your experiences, your story.

But instead of thinking of a journal as a diary - a book in which you merely relate the day’s events - think of it as a container for self reflection, self-expression and self exploration. Retelling the day’s events is less relevant than the act of expressing your thoughts. And writing down reflections about events experienced each day is an invaluable way to evaluate your performance, set higher standards of excellence and find new ways to solve difficult problems.

There’s nothing like putting pen to paper to instill you with a sense of optimism, anticipation and excitement about your goals or aspirations. The act of writing something down always makes it more real, more concrete than merely thinking it. When you commit to writing down your thoughts and experiences, you have put them into a solid form.

So, here are his benefits of keeping a journal:

1. Improve your health.

2. Reduce stress.

3. Stronger relationships.

4. Better organizational skills.

5. Better focus.

6. Better solutions for your problems.

7. Know yourself better.

8. Personal growth.

9. Enhances intuition and creativity.

10. Captures “Life’s Story.”

A journal is a catalog of your memories. Over time, your memories become an irreplaceable treasure that can be looked at years from now, by you, or, if you wish, by others.

By journaling you will capture not only your life, but the lives of all the people that surround you. You are also creating a record, and with that record in hand it is easier to see patterns, changes, and shifts in your life.

And remember, journal writing has the lowest risk factor imaginable, mentally as well as financially, providing you with the gentlest and safest of therapies. No expertise required, no minimum time required, and you don’t lose the benefits if you miss a time period.

Start Writing Your Journal!

Here’s where you can read more of this blog and The Ririan Project


Sir Bowie of Greenbriar

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