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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Voodoo Lounge

It's one of my favorite bars, and it's only open once a year. The Voodoo Lounge, Home of Wicked Drinks, transforms the parking lot of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, my home Parish, into a night for Knights and their Ladies.

Hundreds of Bar Flies from Warrick & Vanderburgh Counties Buzz to the Voodoo to get buzzed. It's actually called Steak Night, and put on by the St. John's Men's Club. Raw meat awaits your selection on several large grills and beers are a dollar cheaper than the bars. Money is used to support area charities and its a great evangelizing tool for the Church.

This is Unity through Diversity at its finest. You wouldn't see something like this on the parking lot of a Baptist Church (I know, I used to be one), but the Baptist come here to drink. It's a Ecumenical night of dance, drink and love for your fellow man and his woman!

Sir Richard the Lionheart of Beaver Creek & Lady Traci of Pong

Sir Hook & Lady Allwinky of Warrick

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