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Monday, June 30, 2008

Coexist & The Masks of Eternity

Sir Dayvd of Oxfordshire has contributed another gem of a graphic to the KMSA Art Collection. Art, like music and poetry, is the language of the soul, and the soul of the Knight of Moleskine, Spirit and Ale is open to all the Divine wonders the Creator has given to us. This graphic reminds me of a song I wrote about 25 years ago titled, "The Masks of Eternity". I wrote it about how conveniently organized religion claims to be spiritual, but actually hides behind their dogmas. To be dogmatic is to be fundamental. That's the subject of another blog, as well as something the Divine is not. I also wrote it because very often the Divine is hidden to us behind the Masks of religion, the Masks of Eternity. Yes, Sir Bowie, another quest...centuries, light years old! I published the song as a poem and read it at a World Ecumenical Day in New Harmony, Indiana wearing goggles that had all the religious symbols painted over the goggles so that I couldn't see out, but nobody could see in. So without further adieu...I give to you the "Masks of Eternity".

The masks of eternity are lost in our hour of grace
The preachers yell...The voodoo spell
Hide the deeper reality
The masks of eternity dwell inside us all

We strive to seek inner peace

Let's break down our pious walls

The masks of eternity have been with us all along

God within...Since time began
His spirit makes us strong
The masks of eternity make us all one race

The masks of eternity
hide the one and only face

Sir Hook of the Mask of Warrick


  1. Like the Idea of the Goggles..with the symbols all over them etc..

    sir Dayvd

  2. There are posts, and then there are posts you print out and stick on your wall. This one, with Team Hook and Dayvd, is certainly the latter.

    I once read a description of God as:

    A sphere (perfect)with a circumference that is nowhere (also read now here) and Whose center is everywhere.

    I've met a lot of people in "organized" religions who are quick to agree with that statement, but then add fine print, something like:

    Certain terms, limits, conditions, and masks apply. Please wear these goggles for complete details.

    We've been introduced to
    "Endeavor to Engage"
    "Endeavor to persevere"
    now we have
    "Endeavor to Coexist"

    Sir Bowie of Greenbriar.